Hares BitteBollenBugger and Gay Sailor

Hounds: Comes in Handy aka RA, Birdbrain aka Biermeister Poor me, water! aka Song Mistress, Bottom Blower aka Hash scribe, Loose Nutz, Shut up and Bend Over, Beaver Pumper, KumaYuda, Goat Fucker, Just Thomas L., Just Antonio, Just Tobias H., Just Dani, Just Tom and virgin Just David L.

Not a bad turn out for first time haring in Munich Hare BitteBollenBugger with his co-hare Gay Sailor it was a sunny day for it and no train disruptions for a change. So after a long and confusing chalk talk – more letters than the alphabet and same signs different meanings, or was it different signs same meanings, like BC was a check back and BVC was beer vaguely close any way we were off keenly looking for flour. Hint when you hare for the first time use up twice as much flour as you think you need. The virgin, David did find some walkers checks, we told him to ignore them silly us it was also our true trail. I do remember the woods being very nice with historical stops and Gay Sailor being annoyed that the pack thrashed through the woods not noticing there was no trail and ending up on the second part of the trail, not going to the beer stop and not drinking beer either.

Poor me, water war FRB for ages, Loose Nutz and Bottom Blower were joint second until the hare overtook us and showed us a short cut which was probably shy of three foot of true trail. Comes in Handy stuck to the other hare, BBB and we managed to find the drink stop Birdbrian had in his car. Poor me, Water! was still on trail so he jumped in his car and picked her up.

Trail back was quick as we wanted to join the other hashers of course.

Who were waiting for us at the on in, KumaYuda shared some Gin with us, I have the feeling my notes drank most of it though and we all were delighted with the snacks Birdbrian prepared for us a la Speedo Gonzales in little bags. 

Bottom Blower finished her job as hash cash, introduced the circle as GM then was given the next job as hash scribe no rest for the wicked and our RA also drank with his other helpers, Song mistress Poor, me water! And Biermeister Birdbrian.

Then the hares were called in, comments I noted were: no-one was killed, a hard endurance, not enough shiggy, no-one got arrested, everyone got lost, no something check, no stairs, easy to find, nice lake, lost markings, do not mention something and first feld to bruck, best I've been on. The hares had their down down

Our virgin was then introduce, David from Kerry, the internet help make him come as he wants to meet nice people (snigger) straight but open to persuasion gagging for it and likes it smooth, Bottom Blower tutored him.

Goat Fucker was late, true FRB was Poor me, water! KumaYuda and Goat Fucker were FRBs for the half trail-. DFLs were Bottom Blower, Loose Nutz and Comes in Handy

Song mistress wasn't ready so the hares sang for her. P.O.T KumaYuda, Just David and the hares .

My drowned in gin notes mentioned t so Comes in Handy, Poor me, water! And Loose Nutz drank.

Next down down didn't happen as there were no wankers on the walkers trail.

Hares had a down down for not mentioning the whichy way, and no Bcs, Birdbrain was wearing sandals.

If you looked around the circle you might have seen a few show offs with their 200 mugs, and the biggest show off was Comes in Handy as he has ran 200 times with the Munich Hash House Harries, well done now get a life. BB had another down down but that might have been Billy Boy. Or Betty Boop. Anyway someone ran past an ex, weather was great so the RA drank with the hares, Poor me water did a squiggle and Goat Fucker had no hash gear. Comes in Handy is still waiting for his BNH t-shirt Bottom Blower drank with him.

And now my writing has gone more than pear shaped and all the rest had down downs and I finished the gin.


Beaver Pumper will be your hare on the 19th September starting around 5pm in Pasing


Comes in Handy 6

Bottom Blower 4

Birdbrian 2

Poor me, water! 5

BitteBollenBugger 5

Gay Sailor 5

Virgin David 5

Goat Fucker 3

KumaYuda 2

Loose Nutz 2

Just Thomas L 1

Just Antonio 1

Beaver Pumper he must have had a down down

Just Tom 1

Just Dani 1

Just Tobias H 1


Shut up and Bend Over nil point (she left before the circle started)